Thursday, October 16, 2008


AHHHHH! October in Florida means cooler weather. It's the time of year I really look forward to after a long summer. It's also the time to start pulling the winter clothes out of the attic and putting your leather jacket to good use.
Did you know we clean, repair, and alter leather garments? We send this work out to Leather-Rich, in my opinion one of the best leather cleaners and repairers on the planet. Look at this list of repairs we have had done in the last few months:
1. Main Zipper Replacement
2. A customer had a jacket that the sleeves were too long. We had the sleeves shortened.
3. Repaired a torn pocket that got caught on a door knob.
4. A customer caught his soft leather coat on a nail that made an L-shaped tear on the back. It was repaired to almost perfection.
5. This most recent repair was amazing. This customer borrowed a leather jacket from her friend to go motorcycle riding. She laid the jacket across the bike and the sleeve rested against the hot exhaust. Before she realized what happened it had melted, leaving a nasty burn mark. Imagine what your skin would look like if it had rested against a glowing hot exhaust! This was a lined jacket. Leather-rich replaced the sleeve and lining and the jacket came back looking as if nothing ever happened. I have to admit I was impressed.
If you have any leather garments that you love but haven't been wearing because of a stain, damage, or broken zipper, bring it in or mail it to us and let us give you an estimate. Many times the investment is much less than purchasing a new one.


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