Monday, October 6, 2008

Do your shoes slip on the heel?

This is a question that I often hear asked, What can you do for my shoes that slip on the heel?

There are several fitting aids that can solve this problem. I approach the problem differently depending on the style of shoe.

For Men:
I will often suggest a TONGUE PAD. This is a piece of self-adhesive backed felt that is place under the tongue of the shoe. It helps hold the foot back in the shoe and usually solves the problem.
For Women:

- High heel closed shoe: This type of shoe has no room for a tongue pad, so I will use a HEEL GRIP instead. This is a contoured shaped sponge-rubber or Suede leather, self-adhesive back piece that fits into the upper portion of the heel counter. It helps take up space and solves the slipping problem. The only draw back to the HEEL GRIP is sometimes they roll down when the shoe is put on. It's important to use a shoe horn!!

- Sling Backs or Strappy Shoes: The problem I sometimes see with this type of shoe is the strap falls off the back of the heel when the customer walks. This is because the foot is sliding forward in the shoe. A HALTER / FOOT CUSHION just under the ball of the foot will stop this sliding, hold the foot in place, and the back strap stays in place.

We use the J.T.FOOTE product line of fitting aids. Stop by and get a better fit from your favorite shoes.

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