Saturday, February 7, 2009

3 N 1 Foot Saver Tool Shoe Horn


The 3 in 1 tool that helps you:

1. Inspect the hard to see parts of your feet with a lighted 3x magnification inspection mirror.
2. Extend your reach without bending with a lightweight and easy to use reaching/grabbing design.

3. Help put on your footwear with an extended shoe horn.

The Inspect-a-Grip Foot Saver is constructed out of lightweight and strong Aluminum (13 oz.) making it easy to pick up and utilize. The hand grip is ergonomically designed for comfortable one hand use. The Inspect-a-Grip replaces the need for several separate and more expensive aids. Whether you’re a Diabetic with the need to inspect your feet or are have limited mobility the Inspect-a-Grip is the aid for you.

Physicians, Podiatrists, Pedorthist, Diabetic Educators, Physical Therapists, Rehab Centers, and more recommend the Inspect-a-Grip Foot Saver.

Enjoy greater independence and have a better quality of life today!
Did you know we carry 10 different kinds of shoe horns?!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Shoe Clips Are Back In Style

Beautiful clip-ons enable you to change the appearance of shoes dramatically. With 60% of all dress shoes being black, the use of black bows, gold or rhinestone ornaments or combinations will give you tremenous latitude in making one pair of shoes look so different for so many occasions. The wide selection of styles, material and color can dress up or change most shoes and colors.

The clip-on bows/ornaments are not permanent - you can change one pair with the use of a variety of bows.
Come into the store and see our selection of nearly 75 different styles and colors, or shop at our ebay store Sullivan Leather.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I thought I would mention a service that I have done quite a bit of in the past week. Sewing patches on to vests, coats, hats, and bags. I don't mean repairing tears, I mean Harley Davidson Eagles, Marine Corp, soccer tournament, sports team, logo, etc. Patches to decorate and commemorate a club or event you were a part of. Many people are happy when they find out we can do this for them.