Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Do You Wear Your Heels Down Quickly?

My heels wear down quickly on the outside edge, is there anything you can do about that?

This is a frequent question and there is a solution to this problem . Most shoes I see show the most wear on the outside heel. This is just the normal walking motion for a high percentage of people, a small number walk the inside heel down first.

Wear is slower or more rapid depending on several of the following variables:

1. The surface your walking on (carpet, concrete)

2. Your height and weight

3. The gait of your stride(do you drag you feet?)

4. The heel material (crepe, urethane, rubber, leather)

5. The frequency you wear your shoes

A product called a Heel Plate can be installed over the wear area to extend the life of your heels. The Heel Plate can then be replaced as you go through it rather then replace your heels. A great idea for people who know they always have extensive heel wear is to have Heel Plates put on their shoes when they are brand new.

Heel Plates come in many different shapes and sizes to fit most any shoes. Heel Plates are made in two materials; polyurethane, which are quiet, and metal, which wear very well but make you sound like a tap dancer.

Heel Plates are a repair job that we normally do WHILE U WAIT. Extend the life of your shoes today.

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