Monday, October 13, 2008


As the calendar turns to fall and winter, the number of holiday parties seems to increase. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas may find the ladies looking for shoes to go with their party dress. Here are some suggestions to make your shoes match your dress as closely as possible.

1. If your dress is satin, pick satin shoes. If your dress has more of a matte finish, pick shoes with luxe fabric(more textured material).

2. Is your event outside or inside? The material reflects the color differently depending on the lighting and the angle in which you are viewing it.

3. Give your Dye-man plenty of time to match your color and dye the shoes properly. 2 weeks lead time is much nicer than the day before the event. It is important to have a swatch of material from the dress, since most people aren't willing to leave the dress .
We have a book with over 500 formulas for different colors to match your dress. If the color is not perfect we can alter the formula to get as close to perfect as possible. After the color is approved the shoes are dyed, allowed to dry completely, then sprayed with water & stain resistant spray to protect the dye from running if you happen to spill something or get caught in the rain.

Edgewood Drive Shoe Repair sells . We have a few popular styles in stock and can get most any pair of shoes by the next business day.

We know that once the shoes are dyed and used for the event, most people may never wear them again. To help you get the most from your purchase, we will dye your shoes black for free after your event, which allows for much more use.

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