Monday, August 22, 2011

We Carry Foot Petals!

For those who have a love/hate relationship with their sexy shoes!

We carry the following FootPetals in several different colors:
  • Heavenly Heelz - back of heel cushions
  • Strappy Strips - thin strips
  • Amazing Arches - arch cushions
  • Haute Heelz - bottom of heel cushions
  • Sole Stoppers - non-slips
  • Killer Kushions - 3/4 insoles
  • Toe Tips - ball of foot cushions
  •  Sexy Soles - customizable insoles
All Footpetals are made from PORON performance urethanes, which help prevent calluses from forming, help stop friction, protect bones and tissue, and cushion.  PORON also lasts longer than other materials. 

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