Thursday, August 11, 2011

J.R. Leather Soles Are The Best Leather Soles In The World!

I wanted to share with you a portion of the J.R. Leather literature that we put with your shoes after you have had them recrafted with J.R. Leather.

"To the fortunate possessor of a J.R. Leather Sole"

"Whether going to work, for a walk, or to the cinema - you are always steady on your feet with your new J.R. Leather Sole.  We give you our word for this and the seal of highest quality of the Ancient Tanners' Associatioin.  This claim to the achievement of perfection is the reason for the unchanged excellence of the J.R. Leather Sole from Rendenbach Leather Factory where ground leather has been produced for four generations using the classic traditional method of ground tanning with pure vegetable tanning agents - a process which takes over 12 months to complete.  This is not only the most natural method of tanning.  It also explains why J.R. Leather Soles have such an extremely long life, are so highly water resistant and yet actively breathable.  Play it safe with your shoe repairs - put your stake on the J.R. Leather Sole, the Top Quality Sole.  Always look for the genuine seal of guaranteed quality that is embossed into J.R. Leather Soles for more than 125 years already."

Today every pair of soles were J.R. Soles!

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