Saturday, September 27, 2008

Start a Shoe Care Home Program

Another tip to extend the life of your shoes:

1. Clean your shoes with a leather cleaner

- We use LEXOL-pH Leather Cleaner. It deep cleans leather safely and thoroughly, without the harsh, damaging effects of alkaline soaps.

2. Condition the leather to restore oils that are lost through wear
- We use LEXOL Leather Conditioner. It renews and restores the oils originally used in the tanning processes.

3. Polish your shoes to restore the color and shine to seal out dirt
-We use Lincoln Stain Wax Shoe Polish, it is made with imported Carnauba Wax and a blend of other fine materials to stain, waterproof, nourish and shine all leathers. This is the polish used by the Marine Corp.

4. Weatherproof your shoes to protect them from water
- We use Punch Active Super Protector. It dries within 3 minutes and requires only 1 application each time you treat your shoes. Water beads up and rolls off, stains stay on top and can be easily cleaned.
You should repeat this regimen each month. If you would prefer we do it for you bring your shoes in to EDGEWOOD DRIVE SHOE REPAIR for professional cleaning and polishing. We offer a SHINE CLUB CARD where you purchase 4 shines and get the 5th one FREE!!

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