Tuesday, September 23, 2008

How I became a Shoe Repair Shop Owner

The story behind the shoe repairman -
After earning my BA in Business Administration from Covenant College, at Lookout Mountain, GA in 1993, my wife and I moved to IL. My parents, who owned a dry cleaning store, were adding shoe repair and asked me to run that part of the business. I began my hands on training with the previous owner of the shoe repair equipment. After two years, we moved to FL, where my wife grew up. I began working for Jim McFarland, 1995-1999, a well known award winning shoe repairman. While working there, I received an award for excellence in craftsmanship from the Shoe Service Institute of America 's(SSIA) Silver Cup Competition. From 1999-2004 ,I went on to help open and manage a new full service shoe repair business, Edgewood Drive Shoe Repair, that specialized in Red Wing Boot and Shoe repair. In 2005, I became the owner of Edgewood Drive Shoe Repair. I have really enjoyed serving my customers and being my own boss. I look forward to creating awareness of shoe repair, promoting my business, highlighting great shoe care and foot health products, and helping answer customer questions.

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