Thursday, September 13, 2012

Shoe Stretch For Tight Shoes

One of my most popular posts was "Can You Stretch Shoes?"  With that in mind I wanted to feature this product...Shoe Stretch.  Shoe Stretch comes in a 4 fl oz. squirt bottle  and works on all leathers.  This products opens the pores of your leather items and allows for successfully permanent stretching.  This is a great option if your shoes are just snug, because you are using your foot as the stretcher.  If they are unbearably tight, bring the in for us to use a professional stretcher on them. 

Directions for use:  For best results saturate entire tight area of shoes, walk for approximately 15 minutes or until shoes are dry.  This will cause the shoes to contour permanently.  Used successfully for gloves, boots, new and waterstiff shoes.  Excellent on all types of suedes and leather, will stop mildew if used often.

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