Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bella Ballerina by Skechers

This was brought in today for repair.  The loop that held the strap on was broken.  We will repair the loop so she can get back to what these shoes were made for...twirling like a ballerina. The purple cirlcle at the front of the shoe is a spinning disk.  I took the information about these shoes from the Sketchers website:

  • Bella B. shoes are full of fun and glee, just a few steps and you're a twirling machine!
  • Make sure your shoes are nice and secure, and no loose objects are found on the floor
  • Once that is done you can get on your toes, push with your other foot, and around you go!
  • Make up your own style of tricks to do, and let Bella bring out the Ballerina in you
  • Take time to get acquainted with the shoes, practice with an adult supervising you
  • Use caution when spinning like a top, and if you feel like you're getting dizzy or off balance - stop!
  • Place your other foot to stop your spin, a little practice and you're ready to begin
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