Monday, July 18, 2011

How Do You Clean Smelly, Stinky Shoes? We KLENZ Them!

I attended the 107th Shoe Service Institute of America Conference this weekend in St. Petersburg, FL and was introduced to this new Machine called the KLENZ.  It is a multi-purpose sanitizer.  It uses nano-silver technology to sanitize and deodorize pretty much anything that accumulates bacteria.  We will use it primarily for shoes and handbags.

Why should you bring your shoes in to use our KLENZ system?
  • Removes all odors
  • Kills 99.7 % of bacteria inside and outside the shoes
  • Helps prevent athletes foot
  • No Chemicals
  •  It takes only one 8 minute cycle in the KLENZ machine

So bring in your stinky, smelly, shoes and let us sanitize and deororize them, it only takes 8 minutes.

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