Geneva Football

Geneva Football
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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Unusual Items I have repaired in the last few days

Sometimes I repair some unusual things:

1. Lawn Chair
2. 20 lb Medicine Ball
3. Christmas Shoes that had Santa Claus visible inside a clear heelbase
4. Some over-shoes for a Santa Claus Costume
5. Large orange ostrich Duney Burke purse
6. 8 Dog leases that have been chewed in half

These are a few things I can think of off the top of my head that customers usually don't know we can do.

1. Belts -punch holes, Shorten
2. Purses -shorten straps, punch holes, rivet straps, zippers, magnetic snaps, etc
3. Luggage- zippers, bottom studs, wheels, etc
4. Lower ladies high heels - if they are too high (there is a limit to how much you can lower)
5. Golf Bags -rivet the bottom back on, zippers
6. Back Packs - torn straps, plastic hardware, zippers

1 comment:

Jerry R said...

I knew you could do backpacks! Thanks again!